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Pinewood Derby® Performance Products That Work! is the #1 source for the highest quality Pinewood Derby® products on the planet!
DerbyDad4Hire is dedicated to those Pinewood Derby racers that want to achieve the maximum performance from their pinewood derby car.  We have competed in and won every major pinewood derby event.  Thousands of hours have gone into developing the products and knowledge that are now available for you to use to dominate your pinewood derby.  I don't make hollow claims about having the fastest Pinewood Derby products on the market, I actually travel around the Country and PROVE IT!

What Makes DerbyDad4Hire Different From other Online Vendors?

Every pinewood derby vendor on the internet makes the same claims of having the fastest products.  Almost every vendor on the internet sells the same products!  Why?  Because it makes them money!  The only way to determine what the best product is is to prove it on the track.  Look at all the major races and league races and that will tell you who is running the best products.  You won't find any of the other vendors anywhere near the top of those lists!  The products I sell are the exact products I used to capture over 50 National Championship Titles! These titles were won against the VERY best in the world!!! No other vendor can make those claims.  I now bring you a website that sells only proven products that deliver the performance you expect for your hard earned money.  There are no false claims and no gimmicks here!

Stop Wasting Money On Pinewood Derby® Gimmicks!

If you are lucky this will be the first site you come to.  I wasted hundreds of dollars on gimmick products when I first started too!  I Have used every pinewood derby product on the market during my testing and what I offer is the very best I have found.  I not only sell you the best products, I also TEACH you and support you through the entire project.  Building a champion Pinewood Derby car is as simple as 1, 2, 3 if you have the knowledge and the right tools for the job.  With DerbyDad4Hire that is exactly what you get!  If you want to win your Pinewood Derby, DerbyDad4Hire has exactly what you need. I invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence.

Simply The Best Pinewood Derby® Products Available!

After I started racing in the professional league races against the very best racers in the world I was quick to find out the methods and tools I purchased and were using failed.  I thought I knew how to build a fast car until I was quickly humbled by the pros.  I had no idea just how much faster a pinewood derby car could go!  So I set out my search to perfect a method that would take me to the top of the pro pinewood derby racing world.  I was able to create methods for perfectly drilling car bodies for easy alignment and optimal weight placement.  I perfected wheel designs to cut every fraction of a second possible from the pinewood derby car times.  The axle designs were tested and perfected for use of multiple types of lubrication.  Aerodynamic studies were done to minimize the air effects on the pinewood derby cars.  Extensive lubrication research was done to bring you the most extreme and most dominate methods of race prepping your pinewood derby car.  Now the same products and methods are all at your fingertips for you to dominate your pinewood derby.

Hand Made Pinewood Derby Products For The Highest Quality!

The pinewood derby products you receive from DerbyDad4Hire are not mass produced, pulled off the shelf non tested products you find from other vendors.  We hand build your order using the same precision that we put into the parts we use on our own personal cars.  No we don't ship the fastest or sell the cheapest products but quality is worth the extra cost and time.  If you are going to invest in high performance quality parts then DerbyDad4Hire is the #1 proven place to get the very best.  Don't fall for the false claims and cheap imitations. is the #1 place on the internet for Pinewood Derby cars, designs, items, Pinewood Derby car kits, performance parts, specialty tools, templates, derby supplies and products to help you build a super fast, winning derby car.
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