Dynasty Plug N Play Pinewood Derby Build-A-Kit
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" All I had to do was the plug the axles in!!!"  Billy, Illinois

The Dynasty Plug N Play Build-A-Kit Rail Runner

NO TUNING NECESSARY!!! The Pinewood Derby car is already shaped!

This kit is for the novice that does not want to have to spend any time tuning their pinewood derby car.  The axle holes are all drilled at the proper angles to have a champion rail runner car with no bent axles!  All you have to do is finish the body and plug the axles in!  This kit is perfect for Father/Mother and son teams to build together to acheive maximum results without having to spend hours of time tuning!  There is NO TUNING!!!
Grab your rules and let DerbyDad help you put a kit together to dominate your competition. This kit will save you time and headache because it is drilled using "The Silver Bullet" for precise alignment and setup. Enjoy the same success as I have had by using the exact same products and techniques I have used to dominate the pinewood derby competition. All kits come with the option to include the high performance Dynasty line of wheels and axles to ensure you have the best products to build your car with.

Dynasty Build-A-Kit Features:

  • Completely customizable to fit any rule set
  • Pre drilled for a rail runner with NO TUNING!!!  Rail running is the fastest technique for building a pinewood derby car
  • Save hours of time without sacrificing intense performance
  • Choose any wheelbase
  • Sleek aerodynamic body designs for top speeds
  • 6 pinewood derby body styles to choose from!
  • Weight pockets accomodate tungsten cubes or lead weight and are hidden on bottom
  • Choose from axle holes or slots
  • Choose any wheel and axle combination
  • Body style perfect for full body decal decorations to match great looks with top speeds
  • No tools necessary
  • Complete and easy instructions for building a champion car

Blow away the competition with this legendary high performance kit!
Don't be fooled by all the false claims from our competition claiming the fastest products, there is NO COMPETITION!

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  • Item #: K-EZ
  • Manufacturer: DerbyDad4Hire

Dynasty Plug N Play Pinewood Derby Build-A-Kit

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