HOLY WATER The Ultimate Pinewood Derby Oil

The fastest Pinewood Derby Oil on the market!!!


DerbyDad4Hire does it again! We brought the power of the Oil Process to the pinewood derby world in 2010 and it is still the standard for which the fastest cars are made.  Newer oils have been brought out that gave slight speed gains over our original Krytox mixture but they didn't have the staying power  and would fail on race days or you would have to be live to use them.  SAY GOODBYE TO RACE DAY OIL! Faster than the other oils with the longevity of our original favorite!

This oil is for the extreme racers who need to milk every last bit of speed out of their car.  This is the choice of the top PRO RACERS. One small drop is all you need! This will lube 75 to 100 cars! You still use the same great oil process!

This is hands down the fastest Pinewood Derby lubricant we have ever raced and has retired all other mixtures!

  • The fastest oil mixture on the market
  • Will hold up for MONTHS without relubrication
  • Dominate the league racers using race day oils!
  • Will not sling out and foul the pinewood derby track
  • Very easy application
  • Comes in a 1 DRAM dropper bottle half filled



VERY IMPORTANT! Keep oil sealed and put away when not applying. Shake vigorously before each application!

Running oil at the highest level of performance requires a specialized process to prep your wheels and axles.  It is highly recommended to use the products supplied here including the BLACK ICE wheel bore polish system, and axle polish kit with Nextl Level Polish to acheive the ultimate performance.  It is VERY IMPORTANT to work in a clean environment. Once the axles and wheels have been properly polished and ensured they are free of any debris coat the axles lightly with preferably Jig A Loo or Dupont Chain Saver lubricant and let them dry for 10 minutes.  Apply 1 very small drop of HOLY WATER to the axle and insert into the wheel. Spin the wheel and let it move back and forth to spread the oil.

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  • Manufacturer: DerbyDad4Hire

HOLY WATER The Ultimate Pinewood Derby Oil

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